Sounds and Images of an Epic
October 26, 1996

This event was a 28th of October celebration and presented sounds and pictures of the time in cooperation with the Assumption Cathedral youth.

Marina Sofos narrating Sounds and Images of An Epic, a retrospect of the Greeks' fight against the Nazis and Fascists in World War II. marina.jpg (7074 bytes)
choir1.jpg (20950 bytes) Members of the Association's choir joined by the choir of the Assumption Greek Orthodox Cathedral of Denver, performing at the Sounds and Images of an Epic.

A brief historical orientation:

Italy, upset that Hitler was getting all the plums, decided to take Greece. They presented an ultimatum to the Greek government which was refused, on October 28th, 1940. The refusal, legend has it was a bare "oxi" or "No." October 28th is still celebrated as Oxi day. The Italian army attacked in the northwest of Greece. Much to the surprise of the Italians, the Greeks threw them out, pushing them back into Albania. With his southern flank threatened, Hitler had to divert troops to suppress the Greeks. This may have contributed to his delay of the Russian invasion and affected its outcome. Hitler occupied the Greek mainland, and inflicted heavy suffering on the population.